Happy April! It’s the end of C.B. James’s TBR Double Dare, and I’m pleased to report that all the books I read between January 1st and today were books that I either a) already had on hold/checked out at the library as of midnight on New Year’s Eve or b) already owned and hadn’t read yet. I suspect that I read more slowly when I don’t have a looming library due date, which can be a good thing, and I’ve enjoyed exploring my own shelves. I sort of feel like I should keep the challenge up until May, because all three books I read in January were my TBR Double Dare exceptions, those previously-mentioned already-checked-out library books. But we’ll see: I have a DVD to return at the library tomorrow, and the temptation of the shelves of new books may prove overwhelming. I also just put myself on the hold list for The Hunger Games, which I never did get around to reading and now am sort of curious about, but I’m hold number 559, so, uh, that might be a while, although my local library system has 271 copies of the book, so maybe it won’t actually take that long to get to my turn.

April, meanwhile, is National Poetry Month, and I always try to read and write some poems during April (while also always thinking that it would be nice to have a poem-reading and poem-writing practice that lasted longer than a month, but somehow, for me, that’s easier said than done). I’m subscribed to two different April poem-a-day email lists, one from Knopf and the other from someone who likes a whole lot of interesting poems. I also am thinking that the next book I start reading will probably be poetry: probably A Wave by John Ashbery, though I guess that also depends on what temptations I see at the library tomorrow.

And you? Anyone else who did the TBR Double Dare, how did it go for you? Did you notice any change in your reading habits? (I think in addition to reading more slowly, I also read more nonfiction than usual.) Do you have any April reading plans, poetry-related or otherwise?

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  1. Andrew Blackman Says:

    That’s a great idea! I always tend to accumulate books more quickly than I read them. I’m living abroad for a while now, so am just working through the stack of books I brought with me, but I have boxes and boxes at home, so should do a challenge like this when I get back!

  2. Heather Says:

    Andrew, yeah, I found it a really good challenge for me – both because I accumulate books more quickly than I read them, and because I’m not so great at challenges that involve too much planning – I like to read at whim, and this challenge let me do that!

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