In Kiss & Tell, after telling the story of her parents’ meeting, courtship, and marriage (her mom was 16 when they met; her dad was 25; they married when her mom was 19), MariNaomi recounts all of her romantic/sexual encounters from childhood to age 22—from the boy who kissed her on the cheek in kindergarten to a five-year-long relationship that lasted longer than it probably should have, with all the crushes and hook-ups in between. There are funny stories and awkward stories and stories that are kinda sad; there are drug-fuelled stories (including a really pleasing depiction of an acid trip) and alcohol-fuelled stories and threesome-stories. There are stories driven by wanting, and stories driven by being wanted, and stories about the kind of hook-ups that just kind of happen for lack of anything else more interesting.

I liked the longer pieces in the book most—like the one about a relationship with a model who was in trouble with the law for stealing car stereos, and several intertwining stories about that five-year-long relationship—but the whole thing was pretty pleasing.

One Response to “Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Résumé, Ages 0 to 22 by MariNaomi
Harper Perennial, 2011”

  1. Jenny @ Reading the End Says:

    Oh, interesting — I love that she included her parents’ story in here as well. That makes a ton of sense, because I think the conception of romance/love that we get from our parents’ story really REALLY informs our opinions and biases as we start venturing into the realm of romantic/sexual relationships.

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