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people and places i like

Megan makes art and beautiful things and does really good handstands and knows more about children's books than anyone I know.

Matt walked across the country, and has now embarked on a project to walk every block of every street in NYC (all five boroughs!)

The CoverSpy team shows glimpses of what people are reading on the subway and elsewhere in New York.

Jane Brocket's blog is bright and pleasing: flowers and quilts and children's books and baked goods and knitting and seaside holidays.

Sandra Juto takes really pleasing pictures.

Gracia Haby makes art on paper.

The Blue Hour is full of good pictures and good food.

London Shop Fronts is just what it sounds like.

contact info and technicalities

e-mail: heather at lettersandsodas.com

The name of this website is from a Liz Phair song called "Fuck and Run," which includes the line, "I want all that stupid old shit like letters and sodas." Letters, sodas, and Liz Phair all being things I like, it seemed apt.

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